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Casting Simulation Service

Casting simulation employs computer software to virtually model and refine casting processes, minimizing defects and costs. By enhancing quality, shortening lead times, and promoting environmental sustainability, it revolutionizes manufacturing, fostering efficiency and competitiveness in the industry.

Components of New Method Development


Entry points for molten material in casting cavity.

Exothermic Sleeves

Sleeves exclusively facilitate feeding during the process.


Metal inserts in molds to accelerate cooling.


Channel for pouring molten material into molds.


Channels allowing gas escape during casting process.


Existing Method Simulation

We specialize in existing method simulation to optimize your casting processes. Using advanced software and expertise, we analyze your current methods for improved efficiency and performance. Trust us to enhance your operations with actionable insights and recommendations.


New Method Development

We specialize in advanced casting simulation services. From existing method optimization to new method development, we deliver precise solutions for various casting techniques and alloys. In addition, we design feeding and gating systems, optimizing with tools like sleeves and chills, all confirmed through simulation software for accuracy.

Our Engagement Model

Join forces with Harness DSA for a year-long engineering design collaboration that delivers unparalleled innovation and expertise.
Key Features:
Expert CAD Personnel: Benefit from our seasoned CAD personnel proficient in 3D modeling, casting simulation, and effective communication.
Software Rental: Access essential software tools including 3D modeling software, Z-Cast casting simulation, and a comprehensive software suite for seamless project management.

INR 50,000 per month

Existing Method Simualtion

Receive detailed simulation reports of your existing methods, accompanied by actionable improvement suggestions. Video files are readily available upon request for enhanced clarity and understanding.

INR 7,500 per iteration

New Method Development

We specialize in designing and optimizing feeding and gating systems using advanced simulation software. Final confirmation is achieved through cutting-edge simulation software.

INR 15,000 per casting

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