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Harness DSA: Redefining Foundry Excellence

In the realm of manufacturing, where precision meets ingenuity, a visionary engineer with an entrepreneurial spark set out to reshape the foundry industry’s landscape. Harness DSA was born from this passion, with a singular mission: to enable foundries to achieve flawless casting while optimizing manufacturing costs. Leveraging cutting-edge design solutions and advanced casting simulation services, Harness DSA swiftly became the industry’s premier provider, in all spectrum of casting techniques.

At the heart of Harness DSA’s success lies a dedication to innovation and excellence. Today, Harness DSA stands as a beacon of ingenuity, driving forward the evolution of the foundry industry and shaping the future of manufacturing with each defect-free casting it delivers.

Words to live by

Embrace innovation,
pursue excellence, and
forge a future without limits.


Pioneering solutions through relentless innovation


Crafting precision with unwavering quality

Customer Focus

Customer success drives our every decision


Masters of our craft, experts in our field


Ensuring delighted clients through exceeding expectations


Fostering teamwork and partnerships for joint success.

Our Achievement

Winners of Elevate 2018, the prestigious accolade presented by Govt of Karnataka, marking a triumph in India's foremost entrepreneurship platform.

Meet the team
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