Foundry Consultation

HDSA specialises in consulting metal industry with focus to foundries and castings. Our expertise is with foundry process improvement and cost reduction with the ultimate goal of producing a robust method, better yield and quality castings. We focus on providing to the following:

Castings: Defect characterisation, elimination and yield improvement.

Process Optimisation: Gating system, Feeders( Risers), Molding, Core making and Pouring

Metallurgy: Ease of processing castings by optimising chemistry, achieving mechanical properties and casting performance.

Processes Exposure: Green sand casting, Investment casting, Gravity Die casting (GDC), High Pressure Die casting (HPDC), Low Pressure Die casting (LPDC) and Tilt casting processes.

Evaluation: After delivering the methods and necessary details, HDSA keeps evaluating and communicate the implementation of the processes.

Casting Production

HDSA is dedicated to high quality castings and customer satisfaction. Metal casting resources are used to manufacture products serving a wide variety ranging from Industrial to Military and Aerospace applications.


HDSA provides you with right solution demanding mechanical performance with specific composition or a specific surface finish needs. We always help our customers in production of castings and managing their products from design process to completion. We have good lists of vendors to manufacture the customer’s products to deliver as desired on time.


HDSA gives you the best combination of molding process, material specification and gating design system, our expertise will always guide to achieve desired products. Though our simulation services helps in identifying better design process, yield improvement and to get the shorter cycle time besides increased productivity.

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Man Power

Casting manufacture is a value added process and productivity is the key performance for foundry’s efficiency and effectiveness. Each and every foundry management continuously strives to improve casting productivity; it is the ratio of total casting production in metric tons and the total number of workforce. HDSA provides the skilled workers to concentrate on the productivity of the foundries and also to achieve their milestones.

Foundry Equipment

HDSA is a highly motivated and skilled organisation supplying quality products to foundry industry. Our team believes in strengthening the customers by creating opportunity for their growth. Our team continuously works for improvement, adapting new technology to deliver trouble free machines. We undertake turnkey projects like foundry plants, batching systems, mold handling lines, automation in foundries.


Foundry equipments are designed to carry out different tasks more efficiently, reduce the number of workers required for a specific job and to improve the performance and increase in profits. We supply sand preparation equipment’s, Intensive sand mixers, Core sand mixers, Foundry machinery, CO2 sand lump breakers, Sand Sievers (Manual), Sand dryers, Fettling equipment’s, Swing frame grinders, Sand coolers for foundry, Bucket elevators, Storage hoppers, Load cell systems, Belt conveyors, Molding machines, Cold box core shooters, Lip pouring Ladles, Tea sprout Ladles, Bottom pouring Ladles, SG treatment Ladles, Foundry Cupola, Dust Collectors, Molding boxes and accessories.


This equipments can be readily modified and configured to varying needs and facilitate a shop floor way to accomplish different tasks and production.

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