Let's meet Suhas Navneethand others...
Managing Director

Suhas M C

“As our company grows, our driving force remains the same; to keep our standards high and our customers happy, no matter how big or small.”

Our best feature is our team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication and perceptiveness, continuously drive our firm forward.

Our business philosophy is based on “hands on” approach and performance management, with the focus on creating long term business relationships through appointment of the best person to every assignment and constant drive to outperform our Clients’ expectations.

We think of ourselves as a pre-accelerator. We’re focused on our employees. We realise that job fulfilment is a right, not a privilege. We provide an environment where people want to come in. You’ll always have stressful moments, but with good communication and straightforwardness, we can ensure we’re all on the same page.

Collaboration is a huge part of the way we work, both as a team and with our clients. We find that we get the best results when we work with our clients and not for them. Close collaboration means effective communication, being able to be honest, having trust and respect from both sides.

Design & Development

Navneeth Kumar M

“If you think small, surely you will end up saying – “that’s what I dreamed about”.”

Exciting part working for Harness is that you get support to excel towards desired direction, which creates a work culture of compassion and to maintain good values.

We think to adopt the culture that can change the way. Our working environment to be the way we treat each other and shaping us as an asset of the company. It’s not just about “me” but all about team. We volunteer rather than checking off “to-do’s”. We value solving problems and constant learning. As Design & Development head I don’t miss an opportunity to amplify their values and make them more powerful.

We understand our customers. Our Engineers constantly learn by investing in development and being hyper transparent. They give each other lot’s of responsibility and trust.

Research & Development

Sujay M C

“The creativity of the engineers is encouraged by the management. It is considered as the starting point for technological breakthroughs for new products and applications.”

The objective of Research and Development (R&D) team is to provide new and efficient solutions (in terms of cost and results) to our company.

HDSA works in close collaboration with foundry industries for the development and qualification of new products. The introduction of a new product to the marketplace must follow a very strict procedure.  This procedure helps to guarantee minimum risk and provide an excellent match between the requirements and expected results for the industries in a very difficult environment.

Innovation is part of our company culture. Innovation and creativity of HDSA’ R&D team is unquestionable. The creativity of the engineers is encouraged by the management. It is considered as the starting point for technological breakthroughs for new products and applications.

Business Development

Bhardwaj K R

There’s one universal truth in sales and human behaviour that I’ve found to be accurate no matter where I go: The number one thing on the planet that everyone loves talking about is themselves.”

We define product vision, strategy and initiatives based on keen understanding of our customer needs, the competitive landscape and market opportunity, including assessing competitive advantage and the company’s capacity to meet the opportunity. ​

We are passionate about driving our business value with products and business solutions that deliver an awesome customer experience.

We develop effective relationships with the extended inter-disciplinary team comprised of product management, engineering, customer support and finance.