Casting Simulation  (M0)

Cast ability is an important aspect of the casting process; it is the ease of producing castings with minimum defect, cost, lead time and robust method. Cast ability analysis process guides in achieving the optimal design of the desired quality of the casting. Also the study of this directs us in identifying hot spots, location of feeders, chills/sleeves. The best design phase can be achieved through synergy of foundry and tooling engineers which simultaneously evolves the product, tooling and process design thereby ensuring mutual compatibility. The process includes:

Casting simulation results


Suggestion for methoding (includes location of feeders, location of chills/sleeves if required)


Report covering above


Existing Method Simulation  (Your Method-M1)

Various foundries will have their own concept for gating system design and feeding system design of any casting part & process. These methods can be verified through simulation and can be used in the foundries. Simulation service is an inexpensive way to locate defects areas and identify reasons for defects. Foundries can finalise their casting design of any new product and start production of defect free casting part. The process includes:

Existing method simulation results


Suggestion for improvement


Report covering above

New Method Development

(NMD-M2, M3)

We design & develop feeding system, gating system design and evaluate and optimize using effects like sleeves of different MEF, chills, insulation pads etc. Final confirmation is done through simulation software. The process includes:

  • 3D solid modeling of layout
  • Casting simulation
  • Existing method simulation and optimisation (on request)
  • New method design, development & simulation
  • Suggestion for implementation and 3D model of method
  • Report covering above

This service includes yield improvement projects also.

Complexity of Components will be classified on the basis of following criteria

  1. Weight 
  2. Cast-ability: Solidification zones;
  3. Quality of casting required
  4. Shop floor constrains

CAD Person


We have a dedicated team of engineering design experts with a solid commitment to excellence in all aspects of our services. The team consists of parametric based modeling experts, Casting Simulation & has got many accolades to its credit from all the customers, and they have highlighted the advantage that HDSA as a partner provides in terms of innovation, cost and timeline. The CAD person capabilities are as follows:

  • 3D modeling (Only methoding of layout)
  • Casting simulation software operation
  • Understanding the result and good communication skills

Along with the CAD person we will be providing following software on rent:

  • 3D modeling software
  • Casting simulation software: Z-Cast
  • High-speed system with all necessary software: Team-viewer, MS office etc.



No fixed number of iteration or number of casting for new method development.
Layout weight constraints are not applicable
Complexity of the casting are not considered
Risk on management – Nil