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Harness- Design & Simulation Aid (HDSA) was founded with the idea of developing and delivering world-class engineering designs and simulation support in an ever-changing and competitive market. HDSA is the premier provider of design solutions and foundry simulation to engineering and manufacturing companies. HDSA is located in Bangalore, with a team of design professionals with extensive experience to handle the most demanding customer requirements. Our company offers the industry’s most affordable, efficient and cost-effective design services (CAD/CAM/CAE).

HDSA provides complete services and support for a wide range of metal casting processes with Z-CAST (Casting simulation software) which includes detailed insights of filling to solidification of the cast part. We provide the casting simulation service for various casting processes like Sand casting, Investment casting, Gravity Die Casting (GDC), High Pressure Die casting (HPDC), Low-Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) and Tilt casting. We take the assistance of the casting simulation software and deliver the defect-free quality products along with the results for the analysis and design of the layout/method as desired by the user

What we do.

The name Harness stands for support and makes use of resources, especially to produce quality products.

The method suggested by foundry men will be evaluated using the casting simulation software by achieving required mechanical properties. The number of shop floor trial and error by traditional methods can be overcome by number of iterations through casting simulation software.
Increase Productivity
Focusing the demand in the foundries, we serve by understanding the customer requirement for their applications. Simulation process provides accurate predictions, which helps in optimising development of new method or their existing ones. Advantage of simulation is to get the shorter cycle time besides increased productivity.
Reduce In Rejection Rate
Our services provide reliable results for even complex castings. We observe the castings and processes virtually, which helps in consuming fraction of resources to take real trails and meeting the desired quality requirement. Our services reduce the rejection rate by refining the process and implementation of best option to produce.
Foundry industries focus not only on temperature distribution and hot spot in the castings, but also for solidification shrinkage and porosity. Our methodologies along with simulation support are used to achieve high quality and sound castings. Most challenging engineering problems are validated at the design stage which makes the processes more efficient and allows the engineers to refine and make changes in minimal.
Optimal Design
Our services help the foundries to virtually know about the entire casting process including mold filling and solidification. This enables to eliminate errors in design, techniques for the optimal design to achieve sound castings, better yield, and least reduction rate and also less machining process.
Our experts compile and document step-by-step improvements and potential solutions for all casting process. HDSA engineering team supports every foundry in designing robust products and processes within the scope of freedom. Our experts use the full range of simulation portfolio to provide solutions to fit to the foundries needs. Accompanying of research projects, our team supports in communication between design, production and quality to achieve milestones and goals in time and more reliably.

Prediction Of Defects

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Liquid State
Last point of solidification
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Temperature FLow
Cold Shut and Misrun
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Air and gas entrapment
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Thermal Stress
Location of Tear and Cracks
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Cyclic Analysis
Die Damages
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Vector Velocity
Sand Erosion
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Pathline Marker
Location of slag and inclusion
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Shrinkage & Niyama
Piping and centerline porosity

We Harness-Design & Simulation Aid (HDSA) optimise the Casting methodology and deliver good quality casting to the foundry industry.

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